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In 10DIT 2017. We had a range of tasks to do. I have decided to share the World Of Wearable Art poster with you. This was a task taken by 10DIT and we had to create a poster and a booklet or a ticket for the event. We did get marked on this piece of work. This is a nice example of my work that I did this year, with a lot of other great pieces of work from 10DIT students.

Project Expamle: World of Wearble Arts Project

Software & Programming Skills.

I have learnt a lot of Software & Programming Skills over 9 & 10 DIT at Tawa College. This includes using Photoshop and Illustrator Microsoft Excel as the essential also followed by HTML and CSS in notepad++. I have learnt vital programming decisions eg like to keep an image or replace by a new one or alter it. At Tawa College, I have learnt a lot more within these applications like the trim tool, text tool, canvas resizing, human saturation and many more Overall as a programmer, I have learnt a lot at Tawa College.